‘mirror, mirror’ & more


I love unique t-shirts.

I would much rather wear a one of a kind item, even if it does require special care, than shop for mass produced merch. It’s gotten to the point that I won’t buy any band or special themed tees because the first thought on my mind usually is: “but what if I draw this instead…”

This MIRROR, MIRROR shirt is probably my favourite. Drawn from the 35th Star Trek Anniversary sketch by the talented John Czop, it was done long before I realized that I should try drawing with pencils. All I knew at the time was that if I saw a sample, I could expect to re-draw the image with an acceptable degree of accuracy.

I do not usually sell t-shirts, preferring to sometimes make handmade gifts to friends and family instead, but they were what got me started in the first place. I owe all of my current time-consuming hobbies to scribbling on cotton.

Muse Citizen Erased Lyrics Written in Vulcan (Star Trek) Calligraphy

“Open-minded, I’m sure
I used to be so free…
And I’ve seen
All I’ll ever need”

— There’s not a single muser out there who’s not familiar with those words. Citizen Erased and its lyrics is considered by many band elitists/old-timers, to be the very core of what makes Muse, well – Muse.

Not many people know that I am also an unapologetic, lifelong Trekker. First of all, allow me to explain my preference for the term ‘trekker’. A Trekkie is someone who used to watch, or still watches, the TV series/movies. A Trekker is someone who owns a uniform, goes to conventions and speaks Klingon (Vulcan). What you see here is a portion of Muse’s ‘Citizen Erased’ lyrics reinterpreted in Vulcan (which, alongside Klingon, is a real language) and written in traditional 23rd century calligraphy.

Thank you to the amazing Briht’uhn from korsaya.org (“korsaya” = preservation) for the suitably logical reinterpretation and the gorgeous calligraphy. This is probably the very first time this crazy-ass space-rock band’s work has been seen in such an unusually ‘alien’ way.


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