muse-inspired hand-painted t-shirts
Muse ‘Origin of Symmetry’ Album Cover Art Hand-Painted T-Shirt

The weird-looking t-shirt on the left is the first thing I’ve ever done that could be considered, if you are willing to stretch the concept a little, – artistic. I wanted a very specific shirt for a concert I was about to go to, but the only way to get it was to make it myself. I knew that there had to exist paints/markers that would be permanent and washable on cotton, I just didn’t know what they were. A lovely gentleman at the local Hobby Lobby store suggested using simple acrylic paint mixed with a textile medium; he turned out to be right – the shirt is washer and dryer safe and is still in great shape after almost two years of use. Bear in mind that I have never drawn anything, neither as a child or an adult, until I tried doing this shirt.

Muse Plug in Baby CD Cover Art Hand Painted T-Shirt

Muse Plug in Baby CD Cover Art Hand Painted T-Shirt

— Since the Origin of Symmetry shirt turned out alright (aside from the really horrendous, uneven dye job), I’ve decided to try something new and this time the choice fell on the little, friendly Plug in Baby aliens.

It looked good and I was beyond thrilled, I felt a little like the cat who not only got the cream, but discovered some previously hidden canary-catching skills!

By this time the requests started coming in and I must have made a dozen more Origin shirts for various friends and acquaintances; I was getting bored with doing more of the same, the next drawing simply needed to be a little bit more complex.

Muse Supermassive Black Hole Vinyl Cover Art Hand-Painted T-Shirt

— so I chose this.

It took me close to a week to sketch out (in pencil) and colour in this particular image. It was difficult enough to my untrained hand/eye that I simply refused to make another one when friends started asking for a shirt exactly like this one. My Supermassive Black Hole shirt is still a favourite and I have never seen another one that’s similar to mine.

Custom Hand Painted T-Shirts


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