mirror, mirror EVIL SPOCK


Necessity is most definitely the mother of all invention.

A long time ago, in the galaxy far, far away… wait, that’s not the right fandom…

Anyway, one day I found myself on Google, staring at something that looked like a pendant with a picture of Spock woven with sparkly beads. Isn’t Google wonderful? You end up finding stuff you didn’t know you liked. I love Star Trek, probably more than I should ever admit out loud, so I followed the picture/pendant to the artist’s Etsy site which informed me that she was away for a year. I was heartbroken. I’ve never seen anything like that pendant before and now I couldn’t even buy it. The hissy ‘I want it now!’ fit wasn’t far away.

Before I knew it I was researching ‘sewing with beads’ which lead to ‘square stitch’ and learning how to pixelate an image in order to create a workable pattern.'Mirror, Mirror' Evil, Bearded, Alternate Universe Spock Beaded Cuff Bracelet

The fact that I can’t actually sew, as in at all, was conveniently forgotten. Sometimes ‘To Boldly Go…’ is the only logical solution.

It took several very awkward tries, but eventually I ended up with what you see here. I love my Mirror Spock bracelet, it’s been a source of many compliments and much curiosity. If you are a beader, feel free to e-mail me for a pattern. If you want to commission a customized bracelet, please click on the Etsy link below. LLAP.

Available on Etsy


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