‘come hither’ SPOCK

'Come Hither Gesture' Charcoal Pencil Drawing, 2012

‘Come Hither Gesture’ Nude Spock Charcoal Pencil Drawing, 2012

Pencils used: Fabre-Castell HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B graphite and a coarse HB charcoal.

The drawing is 11” x 14” and is too big for the scanner. Unfortunately, a pencil drawing doesn’t photograph too well, so pardon the quality.


I have no idea where this one came from. The only explanation I have would sound something like this: “I did it, because I can”. It is not logical, but it is true.

For the past several months I wanted to try my hand at drawing a nude male form or a moderately complicated hand/arm combination, seeing as I’ve never done either of those two very interesting things.

So I’ve found a suitably striking hand/arm picture and drew it…. and if I happened to add Spock’s ears and eyebrows, I have no regrets.

Consider it to be my gift to all the Trek fangirls everywhere. The new movie is still almost five months away and already I can barely wait!

p.s. I still couldn’t draw fabrics/textures if my life depended on it.


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