♪ it rockets through the universe ♫ LOVER’S FACES

Muse Invincible Cover Art Black and White Hand Painted T-Shirt, India Ink on Cotton, 2013

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The image I wanted to draw here was too detailed and delicate for my usual heavy acrylic paints, so I used a Faber-Castell PITT Waterproof India Ink pen instead. It shouldn’t wash off, it really shouldn’t… BUT, I still think I royally messed everything up, – I have a nagging suspicion that the illustration will wash off in the water (or at least run all over the fabric). What I should have used is a Faber-Castell ColorBurst series paint pen. It’s too late to fix things.

I am now looking for a willing tester/guinea piggy. Someone who’ll pay for the shirt ($7, new and unworn, size S (4-6)) and the US shipping (around $4), someone who’ll be willing to wear the shirt to one of the Muse gigs (that’s a must), wash it after and then LET ME KNOW what happened to it. I just can’t wash it, I simply can’t.

It’d be such a waste if the shirt never saw a gig.Muse Knights of Cydonia Horse Hand-Painted T-Shirt


UPDATE: ‘Lovers Faces’ prototype shirt is already spoken for.

UPDATE #2: I have now tested the ink in the washer/dryer and it’s exactly as advertised: waterproof and fade-resistant.

Made To Order is Available on Etsy

In comparison (right): here’s what heavy acrylic/textile medium mixture looks like on cotton. No matter what I did, I could never make it look intricate enough for my taste. And of course, shading was completely out of the question. At least acrylics have one good thing going for them: washer and dryer safe and permanent on fabrics.

‘Cydonian Horse’ Shirt shown property of Renee D.


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