robbie the robot & the id monster FORBIDDEN PLANET

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Hand drawn with waterproof, fade-resistant India Ink on cotton, this Forbidden Planet tshirt is the only one of its kind.

A few years ago I did an experiment in acrylic, seen HERE, but ink, being a much lighter medium than the wet, heavy paint, allows for more versatility.

This Forbidden Planet shirt will not be available through my Etsy shop, but if you find yourself unable to live without one, email me and we will work something out.



Forbidden Planet, Robbie the Robot and the ID Monster

“his was the most… Human” – KIRK & SPOCK

Kirk and Spock - The Wrath of Khan Hand Painted T-Shirt

Kirk and Spock from Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan

One of a Kind. Not for sale. Waterproof India Ink on Cotton, hand-sketched from a Mondo poster.

“Of my friend I can
Only say this:
Of all the souls
I have encountered
In my travels
His was the most… Human”

♪ there can be only one! ♫ KHAN


Khan Noonien Singh from Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan

Unfinished. Not for sale. Waterproof India Ink on Cotton, hand-sketched.

I consider this t-shirt unfinished because I only had one hour before we had to be at the theater for the IMAX premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness last May. I hurried through the sketch, paying attention only to the face, and I think I am going to leave it like this. This shirt was my show of protest against the casting of the new Khan and the general disrespect and lack of understanding J.J. and Co. have shown the Trek franchise so far.

mirror meld STAR TREK

'Mirror, Mirror' Hand Drawn, One of a Kind T-Shirt, Waterproof Ink on Cotton‘Mirror, Mirror’ Hand Drawn, One of a Kind T-Shirt, Waterproof Ink on Cotton

Yes, I know that my favourite Star Trek Episode is called ‘Mirror, Mirror’… the reason I wrote the word 3 times was because I wasn’t sure how much of it, if any, was going to be visible from right under the arm.

I am going to a Star Trek event in exactly one week, so this is my attempt to create something suitable and interesting to wear. The image is hand drawn from the 35th Star Trek Anniversary sketch by the talented John Czop.

Waterproof India Ink on Cotton.
One of a kind. Not for sale.

Star Trek Khan Hand Painted T-Shirt, Waterproof Ink on Cotton, One of a KindStar Trek ‘Khan’ Hand Painted T-Shirt, Waterproof Ink and Acrylic Paint on Cotton, One of a Kind, Not for Sale

And in the end, I changed my mind and wore the KHAAAAAAAAAN! t-shirt instead.

TX Lottery’s Star Trek Scratch Off Launch with William Shatner was a success; and if Dallas didn’t break the Guinness World Record for the largest number of Trek-costumed people in one room, they sure had fun trying. The Dallas Convention Center was overrun by Andorians, Klingons, Vulcans (I met Kai Opaka!) and Star Fleet personnel in general, it was wonderful to be among so many people who fully share my own Trek-induced insanities!


William Shatner, Dallas, March 2013

origin of chaos MUSE

'Origin of Chaos' Hand Painted T-Shirt, Waterproof Ink and Acrylic on Cotton, One Of A Kind

I am not watching the Oscars, so I have just finished something new today.

This is waterproof, fade resistant ink and acrylic paint on cotton, one of a kind hand painted shirt. 23 identical drones nearly drove me insane with boredom, so it gave me great pleasure to draw a rebellious little drone nearer to the end! Click on either of the pictures to enlarge.

'Origin of Chaos' Hand Painted T-Shirt, Waterproof Ink and Acrylic on Cotton, One Of A KindOnly a select group of people will understand the origin of the image or its name. Men’s shirt size M. Cold wash, delicate cycle, hang to dry, do not iron.

a beautiful freak CHRIS CORNER IAMX
Chris Corner Portrait IAMX Waterproof India Ink Sketch on Cotton. One of a kind.

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I am not too happy with this sketch. Ink is unforgivable and allows for no mistakes. There’s no room for tweaking, and tweaking with pencils is something I can happily do for weeks, until it looks 100% right. Here, my first stroke with the pen was also my last. It was nerve wracking.

I used a Faber-Castell PITT Artist’s India Ink Pen. It’s waterproof and fade-resistant, yet not recommended for cotton. A quick run through the washer/dryer did no damage to the sample sketch and that’s good enough for me.

♪ it rockets through the universe ♫ LOVER’S FACES
Muse Invincible Cover Art Black and White Hand Painted T-Shirt, India Ink on Cotton, 2013

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The image I wanted to draw here was too detailed and delicate for my usual heavy acrylic paints, so I used a Faber-Castell PITT Waterproof India Ink pen instead. It shouldn’t wash off, it really shouldn’t… BUT, I still think I royally messed everything up, – I have a nagging suspicion that the illustration will wash off in the water (or at least run all over the fabric). What I should have used is a Faber-Castell ColorBurst series paint pen. It’s too late to fix things.

I am now looking for a willing tester/guinea piggy. Someone who’ll pay for the shirt ($7, new and unworn, size S (4-6)) and the US shipping (around $4), someone who’ll be willing to wear the shirt to one of the Muse gigs (that’s a must), wash it after and then LET ME KNOW what happened to it. I just can’t wash it, I simply can’t.

It’d be such a waste if the shirt never saw a gig.Muse Knights of Cydonia Horse Hand-Painted T-Shirt

UPDATE: ‘Lovers Faces’ prototype shirt is already spoken for.

UPDATE #2: I have now tested the ink in the washer/dryer and it’s exactly as advertised: waterproof and fade-resistant.

Made To Order is Available on Etsy

In comparison (right): here’s what heavy acrylic/textile medium mixture looks like on cotton. No matter what I did, I could never make it look intricate enough for my taste. And of course, shading was completely out of the question. At least acrylics have one good thing going for them: washer and dryer safe and permanent on fabrics.

‘Cydonian Horse’ Shirt shown property of Renee D.