man in the mirror
Word Mosaics Poster - Matt Bellamy Muse

I was going through one of my old hard drives the other day, looking for a sketch I seem to have misplaced for good, and I came across a few of these. A couple of years ago, before I could draw, bead or cook, I was addicted to making Word Mosaics posters.

MUSE Citizen Erased Poster

It’s my understanding that this is something that’s an acknowledged form of artistic expression, not something I knew then, it was just a way of passing a lot of free time.

If you are entering the world of Word Mosaics, everyone will tell you that Photoshop is the only workable medium. But for someone like me, – I don’t seem to care much for CGAs nor do I edit my photography excessively – an old version of Microsoft Word ended up being enough to do the trick.