david bowie: EYES OF THE STARMAN

Fine Art AmericaDavid Bowie - Eyes of a Starman, India Ink on Canvas Drawing

New artwork: David Bowie – Eyes of the Starman


David Bowie - Eyes of a Starman, India Ink on Canvas Drawing

India Ink (Faber Castell) on a narrow canvas panel. 14″ x 18″

I’ve never done ink on canvas before, but I thought it somehow fitting to the image I was trying to create.

One thing I love and hate about ink is how cheat-proof it is. I don’t get to erase it or to tweak it, not like with a faulty stroke of a pencil. With ink, my first pen stroke is my last. A bit like live music – once heard, the faulty note cannot be taken back, but the piece is all the more beautiful for its presence.


robbie the robot & the id monster FORBIDDEN PLANET

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Hand drawn with waterproof, fade-resistant India Ink on cotton, this Forbidden Planet tshirt is the only one of its kind.

A few years ago I did an experiment in acrylic, seen HERE, but ink, being a much lighter medium than the wet, heavy paint, allows for more versatility.

This Forbidden Planet shirt will not be available through my Etsy shop, but if you find yourself unable to live without one, email me and we will work something out.




Forbidden Planet, Robbie the Robot and the ID Monster

“his was the most… Human” – KIRK & SPOCK

Kirk and Spock - The Wrath of Khan Hand Painted T-Shirt

Kirk and Spock from Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan

One of a Kind. Not for sale. Waterproof India Ink on Cotton, hand-sketched from a Mondo poster.

“Of my friend I can
Only say this:
Of all the souls
I have encountered
In my travels
His was the most… Human”

♪ there can be only one! ♫ KHAN


Khan Noonien Singh from Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan

Unfinished. Not for sale. Waterproof India Ink on Cotton, hand-sketched.

I consider this t-shirt unfinished because I only had one hour before we had to be at the theater for the IMAX premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness last May. I hurried through the sketch, paying attention only to the face, and I think I am going to leave it like this. This shirt was my show of protest against the casting of the new Khan and the general disrespect and lack of understanding J.J. and Co. have shown the Trek franchise so far.